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Clava Cairns

Inverness to Clava Cairns

Discover The Mysterious Clava Cairns…

The Clava Cairns, found at Bulnuaran of Clava on the Eastern outskirts of Inverness, are a fantastic example of Scotland’s Bronze Age history. This prehistoric site features three prominent chambered-tomb cairns, with many more located nearby. Such a richly historic and mystical site has unsurprisingly served as the inspiration behind crucial settings in the Outlander book and TV series. What does continue to surprise us, however, is the fact that the magical Clava Cairns are completely free to visit!

Inverness to Clava Cairns

Prehistoric Clava Cairns

This deeply sacred burial site, nestled into the picturesque Highland landscape, is steeped in over 4000 years of history. Set within a beautiful, forested area, there is evidence that ancient peoples returned here again and again after first using the site for burials in approximately 2000 BCE. Even the ruins of a medieval chapel remain at the Clava Cairns, further indicating the deeply spiritual purpose of the site.

Clava Cairns Outlander Connection

In recent history, Clava Cairns has heavily inspired the fictitious setting of Craigh na Dun; the magical standing stones of Diana Gabaldon’s books and the Starz TV series, Outlander. In fact, the famous ‘cleft stone’ which sees the main character, Claire, transported back in time, can be found at the Clava Cairns. The global attention towards Outlander has seen Clava Cairns become an increasingly attractive tourist destination over the last decade. Fans of the series as well as keen historians continue to add Clava Cairns to their must-see destinations in the Scottish Highlands.

Inverness to Clava Cairns

Getting to the Clava Cairns

The Clava Cairns are best accessed by taking the A96 east out of Inverness and following signs for Culloden, passing through the towns of Balloch and Culloden and over the river Nairn, following a single-track road until reaching a parking area. From there it is a short walk to the Clava Cairns. A number 5 bus from Inverness town centre is also an option, although there is a walk of around 1 mile from Culloden Moor Inn to the cairns.

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